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You know what I don't think you really need to get AV'ed if you're gonna do that, I mean it's not like you're buying anything. Just contact another Barrie player who's AV'ed (or someone you've played with) and have him post it on your behalf then sell it through him.

I'm pretty sure this happened on one occasion a while back when some guy who basically said "F you" to ASC and was underage (I think he threatened some of them too, does anyone know who I'm talking about?), didn't care about the rules, got banned and wanted to sell his airsoft stuff.

You could get AV'ed but it's a bit slow (meet with AV rep, have him take down your info, submit it, the get the switch flipped) which could take up to 2-3 weeks. I don't know your situation, like if you've got to get rid of it quickly (for mortgage/car/tuition etc.) or you can wait and hold on to it and wait for someone to give the right price.
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