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mp5 help

hey so for next season im looking to change up my cyma 049j. i was so surprised with the rof, fps. distance and power of this gun ive decided to turn this baby into like a small heavey machine gun lol.

right now i have the smooth regular handgaurd. i want to put a forgrip on it so i need the RIS/RAS rails/handgaurds. if i were to buy them can i just easily take off the handgaurd i have now and slip it on or would i have to disasemble anything? also i have the sliding stock so my battery goes in the handgaurd so would the ris/ras handgaurd fit ontop of the battery?

Second i want to get a silencer. i looked and my barrel is threaded so will any silencer fit or do i have to look for a specific size?

thanks in advance for the help
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