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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
Fox, The 2nd one doesnt come with rings at all and has a 1 inch diameter, meaning I could buy 1 inch weaver scope rings for it. But I understand what your saying, I think the one link with the NCSTAR stuff has 3-9x40 scopes. I'll check. How much does the bushnell one usually cost?
Bushnell goes for about 80-130$ for a 3-9x40mm hunting scope. At those price, the lense quality is perfect for what we do.

I only see chromatic aberation when zoomed at 9x and looking at stuff that are 500m and beyond. The FOV is also very good and the images are very clear compared to a Tasco scope or cheapass replicas.

Like I keep saying, if you intent on using your scope for sniping or spotting/IDing target in dence vegetation, you need a minimum of quality.

I tried with a Tasco 3-9x30mm Illuminated (the one everyone and their cat has) and I could not see shit out of the scope. I had to return to the car to change my scope.

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