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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
Worst thing that can happen is it can start a fire anyways. With rupping wires and torned, who knows if both wires come into contact? Why not replace the wires with quality wires, shrink wrap them for thickness, and don't have to worry about it. You're going to have to take off the battery and connect it back when it dies out, when charging, and switching over the battery. Wires are like 3$, shrink tubes are another 3-5$ for a pack. Better to use a couple of bucks then to waste a 30$ battery or a 600$ gun.
Yup, ive done all that... all wires replaced, shrink wrap in place, hobby flexible wire used, and I even put some electrical tape. And im very careful when inserting and taking out the battery to ensure that i dont pull on nething since the wires can sometimes get caught in the holes and crevices of the stock.
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