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Wasn't Kampfer supposed to be doing an order? Although I think that was in the summer so you probably missed the boat on that one.

Anyways... I think I remember seeing something about discounts from Redwolf however I think the minimum order amount was like $1000 or 1500 (that's USD)

EDIT: I'll try to find you a link to confirm that.

EDIT: So it looks like you'd have to be one of their "wholesalers" in order to get the free shipping thing. However I'm pretty sure I saw a page somewhere that said they would ship for free or something with orders over $1000 however it was probably one of those wholesaler things where the wholesalers will do more than one large order and will do it multiple times. Note, I cannot access the "wholesaler section" to confirm this as I am not a wholesaler however I remember seeing something to that effect...
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