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Kwa ptp m9 - defective mags

The KWA m9 PTP is DEFECTIVE for this reason:

The Mags are all weak in as far as the thin rails that hold the mag base plate onto the mag. These two micro thin ridges are all that hold the plate onto the mag. These edges are very small and snap off with very little use. After less than 1 hour of basic practice on one and less than 10 reloads on both others, all three mags have failed in exactly the same place. Once the plate falls off the mag will become stuck in the magwell to the point where a tool must be used to dislodge it and remove it from the pistol.

Now this is just target practice, no speed reloads combat based scenarios or field play. just simple target practice in class.

The Fit and finish of this pistol are very nice but this one weakness will very quickly render your expensive "training" pistol inopperable.

As much as I need this pistol to work specifically for training. It is completely unreliable as it is. Until an after market mag or some retooling of the current mags (small screw on the bottom to screw the plate directly to the mag would do it) it is an extremely unreliable training aid.

Word to the wise.
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