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Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post
Haha. Exactly. It looks sweet. Plus the range estimating should tell me how far the subject that Im viewing is from my postion.

I want something different then just a crosshair with "+". Haha
How would that work out? Know the fomula? And you'd be doing it within 300ft tops like I pointed out, why try to figure out the distance of something farther than that if your gun can't even shoot it (add in, range estimating up close would likely give you gross errors)? Best way to distance things accurately is to use the sight method, meaning you learn to judge how far away by looking at the amount of ground between you and your target. That way you don't need a piece of gear to rely on, you just need your eyes.

4x is fine, but the 32mm objective lens ont give you a very good sight picture for field of view. But since it's for an AK............ might look better. And check out Marstar Canada, they have real steel scopes, great quality, great prices.
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