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Finally found some time to do a review on this rifle. I recently acquired this rifle through a friend. I am new to airsoft but not new to firearms. I did the photography for his website and while taking photos of various rifles I happened to fall in love with this one. The SCAR is a rifle made by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal. SCAR stands for SOF Combat Assault Rifle. The rifle is currently not available for civilian sale in Canada. So my only option for owning one was to purchase an AIRSOFT one =) As my first airsoft rifle (though I've held and played with quite a few by now) I am quite surprised by the quality. The metal parts are very high quality and very realistic. The operation of this rifle is very similar to the real thing. Even the breakdown is similar. The version this airsoft rifle is replicating is the SCAR Light, which fires the 5.56 NATO round. Not exactly sure how long the barrel is but its either 10" or 13.8".

Anyways.. on to the eye candy.

The upper receiver and barrel are metal. All the rails and sights are metal. The internals are metal. The magazine is metal. The only plastic parts are the outer stock assembly, pistol grip, lower receiver, and selector switch. I can't help but say again how nice the metal is. The metal parts are hefty and very finely manufactured. There are no apparent defects in the metal (at least on my copy).

I have shot many gas blow back rifles and this SCAR is definitely on the top 5 when it comes to realism and blow back effect. The blowback is very strong and very realistic, but on the downside eats tons of gas.

The lower receiver is a clear plastic. The receiver is not tinted so yes it is quite apparent that this is an airsoft rifle. I am looking into getting it tinted but haven't found out a good process. The rifle is very sturdy with the exception of two parts.

There is a little play in the lower receiver. The area of play is coming from the front receiver pin. I inserted a washer between the receiver pin and the inside of the receiver and this did the trick. Another thing about the receiver; though it is a thick plastic, there are a few imperfections in the plastic from the molding process. This is likely caused by a cheap molding process. The imperfections aren't very noticeable unless you look for them. The other area where there is some play/wobble is the stock. Because the stock is plastic there is a little bit of wobble. This is very minor and may just be my copy.

Either then those two areas the rest of the rifle is rock solid. The sound of the bolt charging back and forth is sweet. It is very evident that the internals are metal when you shoot the rifle =) There are three positions for the selector switch. Semi Automatic - Full Automatic - Safety. Just like on the real rifle. The bolt must be pulled back and the trigger set before you can change the firing selection. As well when you insert a fresh mag you need to charge the bolt before you can fire, just like on the real thing =D.

Each rifle has a unique serial number. As well there are markings on the rifle similar to the real firearm stating the model and caliber. The selector switch is ambidextrous as well as the charging handle and mag release button. This is a relief for lefties like me.

The magazine is all metal and is quite heavy. Dropping the mag is definitely NOT good idea. I am use to dropping my mags on my AR and when I tried it on this rifle the magazine bent at the tip and the paint chipped off a bit =(. I believe the magazine is lanced to 30 rounds (similar to the real thing). There is a switch beside the feeder that allows you to switch the bolt lock on or off. YES the bolt actually locks back when its dry =DDD

The metal front sight flips down for when a scope is used. There is also a handy tool at the front that stays in the rifle when not in use. This tool can be used to take apart most of the gun = VERY COOL. Even the tool is all metal.. The flash hider/compensator/muzzle brake is made of thick metal and is also very sturdy, not wobbly at all like other airsoft rifles I have seen. There are rails on the side and bottom of the barrel to allow attachment of many accessory. The rail on the top is crazy long, I guess this is for those who enjoy the use of extremely long scopes.

The rear sight also flips down to get out of the way when needed. It is also metal =) You can adjust it horizontally and vertically quite easily. You just turn the dial or the actual site.

I think the coolest part of this rifle is the fact that the bolt actually locks back when dry, the bolt catch is fully functional and must be released before firing. Just like the real thing =) awesome.. The sound of the bolt sliding forward sends little giggles through my body. lol o.0

The break down of this rifle is very similar to the real thing. You take the front receiver pin out and drop the lower receiver. The stock comes off downwards. The entire bolt assembly drops out of the back along with the recoil spring and hop up unit.

The stock is a folding stock. There is latch on the gun that the stock clicks in to. This is great when transporting as you don't need to worry about the stock moving around and potentially snapping off.

6-Position adjustable stock, ready for shooters of any size. Another note that I must add. The stock is very comfortable on your shoulder. Because of that little curve that was integrated the comfort is much better then a standard retractable stock of an AR variant. Actually the whole gun tends to tuck right in to my arms. It feels very natural.

The cheek plate/rest is adjustable in height in 3 positions. I prefer it in the middle position, but the feature is there for people of all preferences.

To conclude I find this airsoft gbb rifle a great value. It is VERY realistic and offers great quality and rich features. The rifle is ready to be customized with accessories straight out of the box (I shouldn't say that cause it didn't come with a box). I haven't chronoed the rifle but it seems to be as strong if not stronger then any other airsoft rifle I've gotten my hands on. I have no major complaints.

Hope you enjoyed the review. If I didn't cover anything let me know and I'll add stuff (If I know it..) For those who enjoyed my photography here are a few more pics for the night.

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