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I've been using these for over a year now, I love them. They will fog up if you're standing still, unless there is a heavy breeze in your have to move around to ventilate them. Easy to switch out the lenses too.

One thing I hate is that the protective cloth that covers the goggles/glasses when not in use must be moved to the back and will slowly move down the back of your head while playing. I cut mine off, and now it seems to fit snugly against my head.

Used them in outdoor games and indoor/cqb games, definitely stand up to bb hits, and makes it a lot easier to aim than with large goggles.

Also ended up using these as safety glasses when firing real steel, then realized I could just wear sunglasses instead, lol.

DO NOT BUY THESE IN CANADA, you can find them for much cheaper in other countries (like $80+ cheaper).
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