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Originally Posted by Cpl T. Syndrome View Post
I for one have witnessed not only a teammate, but my brother be shot out of anger in a safe zone at point blank..This was my brother's first ever attendance to a true event..pretty much ruined our whole weekend. I was glad to see the game organizers not only ban this guy from future events for life, but called him out publicly here and let everyone know who he was..We as a group need to know who these douchebags are and make sure they stay out of this sport. These people are the ones that shed negative light on our hobbie, and we just don't need it.
Was that the Muskoka game? Cause if it was the dude was back playing in Toronto lickity-split aside from anyone else's lifetime bans or disciplinary action or otherwise. I even remember, because I had a game posted soon after, being messaged about said member. Having been at the game in question I'd met him and knew better already, but the fact is that without names and faces these people'll still get into games. All we have here are 'call signs' (sign-in names really). The idea of an online group regulating who comes to public games often run at paintball parks is a bit ridiculous.
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