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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
If you can, name 3 examples of fundamental changes to a hobby/recreation that you were involved in, where that change resulted in money savings for you while still maintaining the same level of enjoyment/participation. I honestly can't think of one.
Mountain bikes; suspension, brakes, and frame materials.

The caveat here is the customer base is many times that of that for airsoft and you have to look back 15 years for the changes to become noticeable.

The guys selling the paintball stuff are bullshit artists pure and simple.

If you look at dollar for dollar basic rig for airsoft and for pball you could come up pretty even, but then factor in how many weapons and BDUs and vests and so on that airsoft players "need" to have. Then start factoring in the radios and optics and NVG gear, and figure out how many airsofters vs. pbers carry a secondary weapon in game and so on and there's no way you can consider this something you participate in because its affordable.
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