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Originally Posted by squeenix View Post
I feel that I'll have a gun that is better than a TM at the end, and plus, I can spend money over time.
No, You won't.

The reason people buy TM guns as upgrade platforms is because all other parts are made to fit TM. Sure, Clones are trying to be like TM, but they all have much looser tolerances. So, say you buy a new Modify FTK, made for TM, and try to install it on your kraken. Guess what, It might not fit right, And if it does, you might have air seal issues, and if you dont, you might have feeding issues. The list goes on and on.

I own two clones, and One TM gun.

I have spent a lot more money trying to upgrade the clones, but when i upgrade the TM? everything just fits and works like it should.
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