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alright I def stretched the point. I'll start a new thread see if anyone cares to weigh in with an opinion as far as ROF is concerned.

Back to ON point; clearly people aren't going to go from airsoft to paintball just because paint/equipment is marginally cheaper. This has very little to do with saving players a little money. It has to do with people trying to make a lot of money with a "new" product.

He has an argument as far as the legality issue, you have to admit it. Countries where paintball was formerly illegal, can take part in the sport using a smaller caliber. That is a black and white point, and one which has significant merit.

Will millions of Japanese abandon airsoft and jump into paintball now? Obviously not.

But I'm sure millions will play at some point in their life. And a lot of people may take it up seriously. It's a different game, that appeals to different people. This guy has the right idea in THAT regard.
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