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I am a former baller, my first Marker was a VM68, I still have it.

You will never get me to play paintball again. Field Owners spoonfeed ballers. Airsoft Events, are self organized and self regulating.

Ballers never understand that everyone has access to 500 and 1000 rd mags, that everyone can spray and pray. "If I have it, I am going to shoot it", "But if I have 3000 rounds, I am going to shoot it all" They are so caught up in the spray and pray. There is a distinct mindset difference between the two communities. Paintball Personalities expect to be compensated to attend events - if you want me to come, I want 3 cases of free paint.

We attend events, and our Personalities are happy to come out and share their experience and knowledge for free, or moderate cost in the case of a course or clinic.

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