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Same here

After been experimenting on different loadout AEG/GBB I have settled on the following load out combo

my current loadout now consist of my FAL tac carbine with a nade launcher, it shoots like a dream and quite often been mistaken for a sniper or saw depending on the shots received (its stock)

2nd in line will be my G&P SR25, when you want to reach out and touch some one that would be my choice

For striking fear into another player mind I would rely upon my Inokatsu M60 VN or my Inokatsu MK43 they both shoot far, accurate and hard

For CQB I go to my Galil, Glock19 GBB and my G&P shotty they are fun and very reliable

Choice of aeg and gbb depends totally on your style of play and budget, I did buy into th ewhole PTW thing but only to find 4 lemons out of the box therefore I'm completely turned off from them and as for GBBR well I'm very rough on my daily used AEG/gbb so I'll hold off on the gbbr until it's proven to be as reliable as my FAL, SR25 or any other AEG/GBB
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