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Originally Posted by Kwokwai View Post
This is funny.

If any of the oldtimers remember the Crosman Spotmarker from way back late 80's those were .50 cal. The Spotmarker revolver was basically the bb CO2 revolver that you can still get at Can Tire with a 6" barrel and drum bored for .50 cal paintballs. If this catches on I can see those old things coming back out for use. Hmm... now that I think about it I think those blowgun paintball doohickeys also use .50 cal.
Yep there was also a tipman smig (clip fed full auto gun)... the .50 cal was replaced long time ago with the .68, I realy hope for them that they improved it because as I remember they had a tendency to NOT break on contact, I think I still have the scars.......

Originally Posted by Lythinca View Post

EDIT: Kwok, you can still get that at Crappy Tire? Which location? Price?
Well your about 16 years late......
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