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I have a KA FAL full size... everyone says WTF is that THING when they see it. Most people today are not familiar with the FAL profile...I'ts like an old girlfriend to me... but then I learned to shoot with a LEE ENFIELD... before moving up to the advanced repeating rifle C1A1

Since Tyson tuned my FAL is has become my go to AEG.. Some people think it's too long... but I carried a real one for a number of years before we went to the C7.. and it's familar to me.

2nd in line... VFC AK74 SU .. A geat little gun when I'm not playing a primary shooter role.. compact ... shots well.. nice feel ..

Then there are the GBBR -- M4 and the MP7 as Tyson says.. fun to shoot.. but not moved into a primary role yet.. I'm also on the fence on the MP7.. I think I like the old standby MP5 for CQB..

I'm not sure I really understand the point of wanting something "distinctive" though... I guess it depends on your slant in this activity .. If you want to be an effective player.. get either an AK and M4 or a MP5 for your first gun.. they are cheap , plentyful, and easily re-sold when you want to move on
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