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After going through several different makes/types of airsoft guns (i.e. SAW, bolt action, AK's, M4's, MP5's, UMP, G36/C, SR25, etc...)...I've settled on the following (for the moment ):

- KA FAL Carbine
- bolt action - more of a fiddle project thing
- ICS M4 - more of a loaner, extra backup for other guys at games

The KA FAL Carbine is just awesome. Shoots really sweet and with some very minor tweaking it shoots like a champ. I had/could have had any other AEG...and ditched them all for the KA FAL. Mags are a bit of a pain if you don't have 7.62 mag pouches.

The PTW is awesome. Mechanically it's's a joy to shoot right up until something fails. Then it's money time to get replacement parts. Once they work reliably...they tend to continue to work reliably. If I were to total it up (not counting mags and trick things like a fancy RAS)...I probably spent less on the PTW than a fully upgraded AEG. Once I got the PTW...the FAL was taken out to every game as a backup...but not used.

The WE M4 GBBRs were more of a fun thing. I've used them for CQB type stuff and they're great. LOADS of fun. Accuracy is fine for CQB...haven't done much field shooting with it. I've gone through multiple thousands of rounds and tanks of propane so far...and everyone who pops by for a visit is bound to unload a couple of mags for fun (and without exception they grin like an idiot after shooting it).

The MP7 GBBR was picked up just for indoor CQB. It's loads of fun too. Gave it it's first work out the other night. 100% fine on function...but I think that it's too small for me. Not sure if this one is a keeper despite the fact that it's solid and shoots great.

The bolt actions are so simplisticly nice. I just like fiddling with them. Not my type of thing though. The ICS AEG takes a distinctive back seat to every else...if the mood struck me I'd give it away for free and not blink and eye.

Important to note though...when heading out to a game, regardless if I decide to use the PTW or the GBBRs...the FAL is always packed and ready to go as the 100% guaranteed to work backup.

Just my $0.02 of these very different airsoft rifles (pistols is a whole different topic).

If you're going to lean towards an AEG...the FAL is a great choice for something that is different from the glut of M4's and AK's out there.
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