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Originally Posted by Jbone 11 11 View Post
Danke Wrote:
'If I was starting up right now with a plan to be a serious player I'd be picking from the GBBR lineup instead of the AEG family."

Why's that? Im a relative newcomer to airsoft, is there trend going away from AEG's? Reason I ask, is Im in Europe right now and will most likely have to sell off all my Guns before I come back.... gonna have to start all over!

As for Rare.... I do like the FN FAL series by King Arms...(Love to get one for myself as a back up!) not sure of the quality though. I've never seen any of their guns in person.

As for GBB's, I have a nice Full metal KSC P226. It isn't a custom pony like some of the others out there, but guys are always commenting on it....?
AEGs are still going to be the predominate choice, but GBBRs are much more realistic, however, gas guns come with gas gun problems and higher investment costs. They are VERY nice, Most if not all airsofters want to own one, but everybody who has a GBBR also owns an AEG for when they encounter gas gun problems.

KA FAL are VERY nice (at least the few I've held) and are a good choice if you want uncommon.

And for your Sig, you don't need a gun that looks different, you need one that preforms different. You sir must have a very nice shooter there then if it's performance makes it stand out from the crowd.

Eskimobob, I advise an AUG, I had one, didn't personally care for the look but now that i sold it i miss it. They are unique yet common enough that they aren't a nightmare to upgrade/replace parts.

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