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Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
Thank you Fox, that was what I was about to post. Not to mention both players could be up on criminal assault and weapons dangerous charges. When you point an airsoft gun and use it in anger, it is no longer a toy, it is a firearm. If it were my call, both players would be done forever with airsoft. All we would need is someone with a camera and a youtube account and it would be the biggest setback for Canadian airsoft this side of CBSA. F**king idiots.
And yet if these CHARGES that you talk about go to a court of law what do you think that would do to the sport of airsoft?

"Your honor we were playing around with a bunch of replica firearms and he assaulted me with one during the "time out session" at a local game" by shooting me in the back numerous times".

That's just as bad as someone posting a "video on youtube".
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