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Con Murder, whats up?

Hello friends.
This is my first foray into forums so excuse me please, for any noobish reason I may give you. I use quality ICS and MdBull .25 or .28 bbs only, mid caps and a lesser SIG that has been worked up to 380fps with .2 all this I learned from here. I am a noob though, be kind.
I was asked by the fellows at section8 to post here about MY experiences and I will. I got a gun with a friend the very first time I walked in, so did my friend. We spent $300 each and were pleased by the service, I had been on this sight before and knew the tales of black guns for sale and some crack downs. But this was 2008 like June or July. They exchanged my friends AK47 because some wiring got messed, he got an M4 in exchange.
Next I heard the were importing some Mauzer Snipers that broke 500fps with .12g (I don't use .12g its just the box rating) so RCMP had them in Saskatchewan for some testing or something. Sure enough early 2009 up on the shelf for sale and successfully imported.
Today I spoke with them (I needed a part, they gave me the new Wires and connectors for free) and they told me about this mess, here on a forum I consult. I was disturbed a local didn't give them the respect they always gave their customers. I have watched as paintballers are given full service on all levels from hosting games to sponsoring. For airsofters I knew a guy whos pistol broke 2 weeks before moving to Saskatchewan. Section8 sent it back for service and then forwarded it to him, and it broke again. When section8 got it they couldn't do it on warranty again so they special ordered the nozzle and sent it up to him. For three months they fought for a customer who moved away. Thats good service.
Section8 has told me that they are able to do a full warranty for 30 days, when I mentioned how often it can be noob users and a user based malfunction the owner agreed, but didn't even think of stopping the 30 day warranty. This is our local supporters and they don't want a bad report.

Con I know you and I will talk with you. You have not done business with Section8 you stand around and look at stuff. Oh by the way, got my speed loader?
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