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I'm not offended.

Originally Posted by Geoffrey B. View Post

We try to replicate a MILSIM eviroment. So we try to replicate Military Warfare. Just trying to let you know that =)
That itself is a problem though.

You dont want to look military when youre underage.

Someone sees you, YOURE FUCKED.

And even if someone doesnt see you, it doesnt make it okay.

Originally Posted by Geoffrey B. View Post
I didn't ever think that thats throwing the rules in the systems face i care very much about the sport and i wouldn't like to see it banned in Canada.
Well, unfortunately, the reason its on the verge of getting banned is because of kids being stupid.

If you get police called to your house, that drives the ban hammer harder into our sport.

The less airsoft-related incidents there are, the less likely airsoft is to get banned.

The sport is 18+ for a reason, man.
God is a /b/tard.

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