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Originally Posted by Geoffrey B. View Post
Thats esacly what we do haha, I never could see how if the we are very carful us playing could ever be bad, but mistakes do happen and correct me if im wrong people under 18 tend to be (im not speaking for all) less mature and less responsible.

BTW guys thanks for the help on ShootSoft, I really like the community on this website!!
Admitting to buying a gun after every thing you have read on here strikes me a little wrong here. Yes you may be mature for your age (they all say it any ways). You may be good with your gear and guns but saying "I never could see how if the we are very carful us playing could ever be bad" is potentially the most ignorant thing Ive read today.

Take a look at the thread about the guys getting into a fight at the field there. Both were Id assume 18+. Yet a weapon was still pulled.

Im sorry if it sounds rude but really there is a reason why the age limit is almost 18+ every where other then a few select places. Using your folks credit card to go around that is throwing the rules back at the community while saying you don't care.

There is a reason why the general answer here is that you go to fields at 16 and learn and watch. I suggest doing that. Go to the fields meet people. Some will let you play at 16. Get experiance. Thats a huge thing. Not comming around a corner and going full auto on some one is a skill alot of people should be learning.

Again sorry if that sounds rude but it does bother me seeing underaged people blatently saying "Im going to get a gun and run around with it any ways." is going to do nothing good for this sport. We hear about it often enough with young teens and others getting arrested for stupidity like this. Im not meaning to be rude but I am saying that there is a very good reason why we say to wait.
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