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Finally got my KWA MP7

It says made in Taiwan so I am assuming perhaps they did not make the nozzle stronger for the KWA versions.

Anyway in the spirit of Halloween here are some pics, have a safe and happy halloween!

My Personal View

When considering to buy this you should definitely know that this gun is not as comfortable as you may think.

The Hand grip area is a bit too boxy so you may have to add some rubber parts espeically near the thumb area where your right hand rest

The stock is great but since it is not curved and it is just straight it feels a bit awkward and easily slip. You can solve this of course by just placing a rubber contoured pad on the back stock

Aside from some minor comfort issues this gun performs very very well. Compared to other small arms GBB-r SMGs that I have fired this is more consistent in fire than any other SMG GBB I have ever used.

(Yes I made sure no trigger finger on trigger for the safety anal guys)

- Pistolero Steve -

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