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Originally Posted by Geoffrey B. View Post
Yes, I am a minor, dont take this the wrong way but does that mean I'm not allowed to play a sport?
I understand why the age verification system is used ,to prevent minors from getting full metal guns and taking them to school's public places ect and other reason too . Correct me if Im wrong there.
BTW,If you were wondering, I ordered the aftermath broxa off buyairsoft, the only reason was is because I love playing the sport, and also playing with a group organized that plays every two week's. Theres not much for airsoft in Lunenburg county NS :P

Well if you actually play in a private area, and are not in view of ANYONE, and are supervised, and are all mature, and dont EVER bring them out in public, then yes you are allowed to play with your friends.

But not on recognized fields.

And if youre not playing on airsoft fields I dont see the point.
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