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Don't do it

These guys need to focus on their demographic: French People. They send emails that have so many grammatical errors, I want to puke but can't because I'm overwhelmed with confusion as to what they're trying to say.

I read horror stories about an hour after making an order and went wide eyed. I immediately sent an email saying I wanted to cancel my order and for them to please reject my paypal payment.

They responded a few days later saying my order was cancelled, and it was...on their system. However, he failed to go on paypal and cancel the transaction, he will probably be receiving my money in the next few days at which point I'm going to open a dispute.

Going to be a huge waste of my time which could've been avoided if the guy had the slightest bit of professionalism (not even remotely). If you do risk your making a purchase from this poor excuse of a retailer, use paypal so if he tries to screw you paypal can get your money back.

Learn the language or sell to people who can speak to you.
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