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duped by ShootSoft airsoft?

Hey guys,

Haven't posted in a while but I'm still very much into airsoft and recently I decided to try out the whole new "canadian liscened" airsoft range.

So I went on a shootsoft and bought myself the Glock "27"(26) with transparent body and "metal slide"

Now there was some problem with the site about how long it would take to deliver but that is old old news and doesnt matter.

What matters now is that, although I love the gun and it works great, the slide or barrel isn't metal at all.

Once I field stripped the gun it became evident that the barrel was metal but encased in plastic and the slide was just plastic with metal internals.

Now im kinda pissed, i payed for a metal slide and didnt get one. I was planning on maybe getting a canadian liscened beretta but now im not so sure if it turns out to be more plastic than metal.

It seems to me that the websites who sell this particular gun should advertise it as plastic slide and not metal.

The only thing I can think about that would make me wrong is if Glock slides are supposed to be plastic and the "metal slide" refers to the internals.

But I am 100% sure that other brands that make glocks with metal slides have actual zinc or whatever slides.


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