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Great. You can start by reading the FAQ section. Theres a lot of good information there. So much as to keep you busy for a while.

Depends, you can play once a year, once a week, or somewhere in between (once a month or once every 2 weeks).

Get AV'ed and you'll have access to a wider variety of guns. Definitely do not get the Walmart/CT cheapo crap.

Basic gear,

Boots (regular hiking boots is what I use however a lot of people will use military hiking boots)
Some sort of load bearing vest or carrier (I use a knockoff RAV vest)


Killrag (red bandanna or piece of fabric to mark you've been killed so people hopefully don't shoot at you)
Radio (like a Motorola SABER) (necessity for milsims however not really needed for smaller "weekly" skirmishes)

As for places to play TTAC3 in Toronto is a great place for CQB however most games are held at paintball venues (some may be held at private fields like Bigfoot in Mission, BC)

If you have a girlfriend or wife it might be wise to also invest in a comfortable couch, maybe even one that folds out...
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