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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Good for you on paying attention to this. When some of the original batch of hot clones came out, guys were playing indoors with them. A buddy of mine left a game with 3 BBs embedded in his back....nasty stuff.

Stick a M90 rated spring (90 meters/sec = ~300fps) in it. For a lot of CQB there's really no need for much more and it'll just plain hurt your friends. A lot of times you end up in a tight spot with shots really close up and it's nice to know in the back of your mind that you're not going to be dishing out batches of bloody welts.

Modify make great springs...their S90 spring would be a good one. Depending on your setup, it'd give anywhere between 300-340fps w/0.20's. It's a wide range of FPS...and that's another good reason to aim lower than the maximum listed limit.

Best of luck.

I love the Modify springs, but the 90 seems really susceptable to losing power. Must be something in the steel or the tempering, but I put one in my MP5A5 last year, was getting a good 330fps out of it, earlier this year saw it was sitting around 300fps, and last game I played it was 280fps. This is after firing a few shots on semi to clear the chamber and set the piston full forward.
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