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It's Almost Hallowe'en!

Hallows'Eve is almost upon us, and with that, all of us at Airsoft Canada just wanted to wish airsofters around the world a safe and happy Hallowe'en.

Just as a safety reminder, it's important for all us to remember and realize how realistic our "toy" guns look, and that there have been many accidental police shootings due to realistic looking prop guns. Halloween costumes are not exempted from such accidental shootings, and care should ALWAYS be exercised with your airsoft guns.

As much as we would love to dress up and use our guns as props, it's always a better idea to use fluorescent and obviously fake gun for our props, rather than to use our airsoft guns.

Ideas used in the past:
  • Cardboard cut outs
  • Fluorescent plastic cap or dart guns (easily found at dollar stores)
  • Nerf guns
  • Super Soakers

Wishing you all safe trick or treating, and enjoy any parties you may attend.
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