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Originally Posted by Eskimo Bob View Post
Is it so hard for people to take into account what the gun will actually be used for? There is a vast difference between weekend in the forest airsoft and running around with friends at the farm airsoft. I personally own several cheap-ass Walmart guns and only play at my farm with large groups of friends, and guess what? Those guns work FINE for what we want them to do.

OP, take into account how much you will be playing airsoft and buy accordingly. If it is just an occasional event for you then it would be a waste of money to buy some pro-grade gun.
OP, please disregard the "advice" that the above post contains, he clearly (pun intended) doesn't know a lick about airsoft and is only interested in playing bb tag with his buddies.

Bob, why are you here if you are only interested in crapsoft/clearsoft? we don't care to discuss such things on this site, so it would appear that you are merely here to stir up trouble.
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