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Originally Posted by FOX_111 View Post
You guys went easy on this.

If it was on my field:

Using an airsoft gun with the intention to cause injury = lifelong ban
Assaulting another player = lifelong ban

Never forget that our toys can easely become weapons, and it should be treated as such outside of normal play.

Too true Fox. Any action agianst another player short of only and up to self defense should be grounds for immediate removal from the field and community. We preach about safety and respect for fellow players and it seems both of these people have chosen to break those ideals.

After all this is said and done I think we all agree that the call signs should be published so that those that choose to can make a choice on whether to have them continue to play with groups.

I myself would never allow them on a field with me or any one else who's safety I value.

On a lighter note I think we should all pitch in to make a "Darwin" themed field. We let all the willfully ignorant and dangerous people play there. Its like taking the safety labels off of every thing, only this way we can make it a spectator sport as well
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