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I can't answer this and it's really up to the field owners but I wouldn't see a problem with it. I mean it's better than mommy dropping off the kid at the start of the day, leaving him there and coming back from shopping or whatever at the end of the day.

Most clubs and teams however will require 18+ for membership.

EDIT: An example,

Lets say I have a team "The Toronto Ptarmigans" and I stipulate that any member who wants to join must be 18+, well that's my choosing, it doesn't prevent a younger player from showing up at the field for a game (IF the owner allows it). It just means that the guys that I play with will usually have the same goals for team dynamics and such (eg. WWI/II re-enactors, PMC re-enactors, a For Fun team, a "Drinking team" (after the game not on the field), a military tactics team, etc.)
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