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Quick question

Hey guys, I'm new here and really don't know where to post this.

I was asking the same question to the creator or en event this weekend. He said that his field aloud -18 players to play with an adult playing with them, or at least sign the waver.

Now the problem is I'm into airsofting, but that's because of my cousin. He just turned 16 this year. He's been playing airsoft since he was about 14 or so, but before that he always played paintball and was pretty good at it then. I only saw him play airsoft once and from what I saw he was pretty good, could use major improvements, but don't we all? lol

*-> Anyways what I'm getting to is, are there any fields near Ottawa that allow -18 age players to play on their fields, or is it just 18+. Would there be exceptions to those rules if an adult was with him (I'd be with him, or at least try to be most of the times)? Or is it just 18+ and it's final?
(from my point of view hes a mature guy for his age, doesn't do anything stupid apart from when hes with his friends, but didn't we all when we had that age? lmao)

Thanks for answering my question.

(AKA Patrick)
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