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I'd like to expand on why black is easily seen.

You see the Nazis (or so I'm told) were actually the first people to discover (probably not) but they were at least the first people to record this information.

Since night isn't truly "black", black BDU's tend to stand out. Now this may be fine and all for SWAT teams since they fight in "high intensity short engagements" usually in urban areas and probably *want* to stand out to give that shock and awe factor when they're flashing and storming a room.So that's fine for CQB but probably not for outdoor wide and open fields.

Back to night not truly being black, to prove this, have someone wear all black and someone else wear all navy blue or dark purple (like a "midnight blue"), perferably they are both the same size/build (as you introduce another variable if one is a tall/big basketball/football player and the other is some lanky/short guy). Have both of them stand outside at the night from a fair distance (say 20-30 ft.). Which one is easier to see?

TBH that does look pretty badass however you have to consider which team you want to play on. Some games are green vs tan (in which case you'll probably be put on tan), some have special rules and loadouts (eg. USA vs Canada) but for a regular skirmish you'll probably not have to worry about that stuff.
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