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Hop-Up/Spring upgrades; specifically JG416

Okay, here we go again with another noob thread. Anyway. Searched the threads about looking at hop-up rubbers to little avail. (If someone finds a link, I humbly apologize)

My question here is that I've invested in a V2 JG 416, but having run through the massive thread that is the JG416 review, I know that the accuracy isn't good out of box, and the gun is too hot for field use; nearing 400fps.

Now I can't recall off the top of my head what Op-For rules are on upgraded FPS values are, but I'd say I'm looking in the area of 360-370, 380 MAX. So being the dumb person I am, what spring would I be looking for?

Okay, now the other question. I was on ehobbyasia looking for a new hop-up assembly to put into the gun, and I'm sort of puzzled. I know I should buy a hop-up unit, but what type of nub should I buy? It seems there's these numbers regarding the "hardness" of the rubber? Described as "45/55/65 Hard," and I am going to assume that it will affect the degree to which the BB "hops" up.
So what should I be getting? I'm mostly going to be doing plinking at the moment at home and down the road will game it outdoors in the summer.

Thanks a lot guys!
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