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Originally Posted by Darklen View Post
Not going to happen. To do that would mean every age verifier would have to be made an site admin. You need to be a site admin (top most level of site security) in order to view and change members profiles. I highly doubt Lisa would be willing to allow the age verifiers access to make whatever changes they see fit to other members profiles.
That's how it works with the current system right? Obviously it would need to be changed. You guys seem to have done a great job with either creating or finding the mod that allows restricting those forums.

As an example, make age verified a group and make all the AVers group admins. Just a slight example, as more thought would be needed than just that.

Also, please do not understand this to be a call to action to change the system. I was simply inquiring originally. However, it may present a topic of discussion next time you guys meet for a state of the union.
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