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Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
Oh yes, I am sorry if it sounded like I was directing that at you. I wasn't accusing you of being impatient one bit. But there are very, VERY many people who post the day after meeting with their AV rep and wondering when they will be AV'd, how long it will take, why it hasn't gone through yet, etc.

The process is only slow because it is one or two people who update the status on the website, and they are very busy people. However, they are trustworthy and have been doing this for years. It would need to be someone who was as trustworthy as these people and as committed and dedicated to this community to take their place.

The reason why it isn't instant isn't due to systems limitations, just due to the lives of those who have the power to update the statuses.
Sorry for retorting so strongly if it wasn't directed at me. My patience is something I take pride in so when someone questions it I do what I can to defend it.

I understand the trustworthiness required for updating the site, but if all those trustworthy people do is read the thread posted to by the Age verifiers and update solely based on that, then it's the AVers that need to be trustworthy and not the people who update (they still need to be trustworthy, but not with this procedure). Since the AVers need to be trusted enough to put the correct, and non-fraudulent data into this thread and the updaters take it for its face value, then why don't the AVers have update access also?

I'm very sure there is a reason, I don't want to seem patronizing but I'm sure they've thought of this. The reason could simply be, "We have little time as it is, implementing this feature is not feasible with our timetables". And that's where myself or other members of our community step in and write the module ourselves, and submit it for review and use.
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