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Originally Posted by ujiro View Post
Honestly, it is rarely, if ever, more than a month. Hell its rarely over a week!

If you can't wait a week to get AV'd, then really, wtf? Have some patience. Like I said in a previous post. The guns aren't going anywhere. Just hold your horses.
I think your misunderstanding my point. I've gone all weekend without being AV'd, and I didn't start this post. I'm happy waiting.

I'm in the business of making computers and procedures more efficient and safe, I'm still in university (4th year) but it is my field of practice. I don't have a problem with it taking a while, I'm just curious about why these extra steps are in place, steps that seem to have no bearing on the end result (which is what I asked), and whether there's a feasible way to remove them.

If the admins have no interest in me taking a look to see whether I can suggest improvements to the system a long while down the road once I've been posting and joined the community further I'm totally fine with that. But I felt I should at least offer my skills and abilities and improve the system if I think it can be improved.

Please don't take me for someone who's incredibly impatient, I have patience and I'm using it. I just wanted to help out the community by speeding up a process that seems to take longer than it needs to given the procedure taking place.
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