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Yes, not a lot of people were exactly pro-guns there. In the end I ended up going mostly for range and skipped the rest of the Mondays as a bad NCO

On topic, if you want to join the sport with your son, that's cool. Unfortunately there are not a lot of fields who will take teenagers at age 16. If you do find one in the area, I'd consider renting out a gun and gear. That way, you can try out the sport with a quality gun, and if you both decide to wait till he is 18 you haven't invested $X on gear that may be improved or rendered obsolete in those years. If you do buy an airsoft gun though, I'd keep it in some sort of lock or case away from him. I know the types of thoughts I would get if I was home along with an AEG. Last year at my high school, some kid brought an airsoft gun to school and threatened to shoot someone. A full black Colt 1911 springer. Needless to say he got arrested.

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