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Originally Posted by KND View Post
The funny parts about my adventure is that the person who call cops on me two time is my soccer mom director and she is blond about 6' tall with 6 '' shoe.

Well, short story is that she still keep come to buy cafe from me as always ( I work at my uncle cafe shop which locate right in the hall way of the school ) , At one time, I asked her that why don't you use brain to think if I were terrorist or some short of psycho guy, so why do you still keep coming to buy my cafe ? Don't you afraid that I put something in your cafe next time ? She said nothing, just paid me and left without even a Thanks word.
Yup, sounds like a wonderful soccer mom syndrome again. Fuck, I so hate that shit. Of course being blond really doesn't help much either.
So far I have posted allot of pictures from past events or milsims on FB, and nothing as come up, yet!
That's what you said last time, Then look what happened!

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