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Originally Posted by Steven View Post
I know this is a Necro, but I don't think it requires another thread.

So, a 10.8V wont hurt a stock Rifle, if you use Full auto sparingly, as in no 20 second Bursts?

Or should i New gears and piston with metal teeth?
Never run piston with full metal teeth, you risk breaking your gear, better replace 20 $ piston than 100 $ gear plus new shimming or gun doc fee if you don't know to do by yourself.

Edit, Most of the gun require shimming out the box but doesn't mean all guns require shimming, just take you time to check them out. Better safe than sorry. I already counter a few brand new gun need shimming but some has decent shimming as well. V3 mechbox won't break mechbox shells easily by just normal use.

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