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Originally Posted by plncrzy View Post
In answer to the question; My son is 15. I think he must have read these posts cause we went for a walk tonight and seemed really cool to the idea of waiting a while until he is old enough to get into it himself.

I suggested that he and I rent equipment and try it out somewhere with his buddies.

He is in air cadets and apparently has many cadet friends that would love to do this, ranging in age from 15 to 18. I suggested the cadet squadron rent out a club for a day, but apparently there are too many parents on the committee who who are against guns in any way shape or form.

Thanks for all the info!
I kind of have a beef with cadets just letting you know. It's a good program and all but for some reason it attracts a lot of people who are tools and just plain assholes to everyone else. I'm going to admit I was in it and I had a great time however one of the downsides was people constantly being assholes to me and my friends. There is a time and a place for that kind of attitude like emergency situations when you have to take control however it was constant berating and just being a total douche about shit like how we're supposed to be "responsible" and need to act our age/rank/level or how "we're 'young adults'" yet they feel the need to hold our hands everywhere we go). Sorry but that's the way I feel about that stuff (and about the CPU update I don't feel anything for it, it's probably a good thing IMO from what I'm hearing from my brothers).

Now that I've ground that axe.... maybe it's best to get in contact with a local club and do this in a safe and controlled environment (if the club allows this). Filling in your profile might help us in directing you to a local club otherwise at the top of the information bar there is a "community" drop down menu that you can look at the major clubs in the region who have their own local forums.
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