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Originally Posted by plncrzy View Post
Thanks for that, its what I suspected. I just needed you guys/gals to write it so I could show my son.

I am all for him to try this out but ONLY at a club in a designated area. He is a typical Teen who believes that he knows whats legal and whats not. I remeber being his age and believing that I knew more than parents did (sometimes I did) ... but in this case I was pretty certain about the rules/regs and just wanted to have some backup data to show him before I let him go out and buy some gear.
If he is interested in the sport, we (the comminuty) advise you wait until he is 18+ before purchasing an airsoft gun. That being said it is never too early for your son to join this forum and start to learn about safety and strategy. In fact it is highly recommended to join this community and ask questions before starting to play.

Once again thank you for your concern regarding this matter. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask then on this forum.
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