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I will tell a story i heard from another player... A parent wanted his son to play with airsoft, so my friend invited the dad over, told him to stand some feet away, dont remeber how much , about 30 i think, and shot him in the back with his Ak... The parent now understood that 350fps is pretty painful, and decided against his son playing with that in the wood with little ski goggles... I would suggest maybe meeting with a Age verifyer or something, or showing up to a game, you, the parent, not the kid, to see what its really like, and how well equipped we are to get shot at...
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I dont have a team, i have an open relationship with many... Jealous? Yep! I tought so..

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Now if you excuse me, I have to go put on my spacesuit to attend my "And much more" training session.
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