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Annual Halloween reminder: Keep Darwin at bay!

A question that gets asked around every Halloween relates to the use of airsoft and airsoft related gear as a costume.

Don't do it. Your bullet ridden corpse will make the front pages and also make our lives that much more sucky.

Originally Posted by middens View Post
I am looking for this particular gun primarily for a halloween costume but also to get back into airsoft.

For now, I am not looking to spend very much. I've seen some very cheap m16+m203 online but I realize these aren't available to Canada. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a local retailer or at least one that ships to Canada. Help is much appreciated!! Thanks
Originally Posted by surebet View Post
Screw the WTB, I'd rather the question be asked and dealt with than not.

OP, what your are asking is not only illegal (call your local PD if you don't believe me) but also goes against basic self-preservation.

If I were you, I'd just go out and get a nerf gun. LEAVE IT NEON COLORED. If you are going out of your house with it, any black gun shaped object will get you a bad public reaction.

OH NOES, I hear you cry, I wanted to look cool and a nerf gun just won't cut it! Well, true, but I'm guessing that if you're looking for a very cheap gun you won't have an elaborate gear setup. Kinda hard to look tacticool with a great looking gun when your rig looks like shit.

So basically, dress up, get your nerf gun and have some fun. And when someone pokes fun at your nerf gun, poke them back in the nuts with a few darts. Win win!

As for your return to airsoft, deal with that later.Nothing very cheap will be worth buying, and will be impossible to use to play.
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