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Originally Posted by cjottawa View Post
It's actually a CADPAT mesh poncho with a light-weight camo netting clipped on in small segments. I overheat in a hurry, hence the material.

In any case, how would a black set of BDU's go over? I was going to get a set for other things anyway.
See my edit for you above.

Regarding black BDUs, some guys do wear them and stand out like a sore thumb, but they have fun anyways. Wear what you like to games around Ottawa, but make sure what you plan to wear fits in with the uniform outline as per the game instructions. If it's a hardcore milsim type, you won't be able to wear black, civies might get you a spot on the team though if it's an insurgent dress code. Every game outline has a dress code, you decide what team you want to be on based upon what you feel like wearing.
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