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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
TBH I would allow it however I kind of get a "paintballish" kind of feeling about it. However I don't know what makes it seem "paintballish" since it's basically like a ghillie suit however it's like a cartoonish version of a ghillie (think the difference between TFC and TF2 both almost the same thing at heart however ones more "cartoonish").

Simple OD BDU's are like $40-60 for a set and should do it however that setup should be good enough for the first few games.
It's actually a CADPAT mesh poncho with a light-weight camo netting clipped on in small segments. I overheat in a hurry, hence the material.

In any case, how would a black set of BDU's go over? I was going to get a set for other things anyway.
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