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Originally Posted by scurvythepirate View Post
Although UMG's can look "cool" the reason a lot of people don't use them is because its almost impossible to find magazine pouches for them. That's if you want to carry extra magazines, which is highly recommended.
Remember if you get a UMG that it will have shorter range and magazine pouch acquiring problems.
If I were you I'd get a M4 to start. Just because of ease of use.
Just wanted to clarify some misconceptions from this post.

First off, its not "impossible" to locate mag pouches for the UMP/P90. Yes they are unconventional but they just require looking a little more. A simple search of "UMP P90 mag pouch" in Google will yield a wide range of sites to purchase mag pouches in a number of styles, colors etc...

Second of all the mags. Again their not "impossible" to find, again it just takes a little more effort which some people here seem to be allergic to. "G&G UMP UMG magazine" in Google will give you a number of places to order from.
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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