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I was the exact same too, I wouldn't have trusted my 16 or 17 year old self with airsoft. When I was close to getting to 18 though (around when I was 17 and a half), that's probably the time I would have started to trust my younger self with it. I wouldn't have toted it around but something bad probably would have happened.

Honestly I had that kind of attitude too, although it wasn't that I "knew everything" or had that "I'm too young to die so I can totally ride motorcycles and skydive and I'm invincible" mentality moreso it was that I probably wasn't the most responsible of people when I was younger.

In addition if you live on a heavily wooded private property and also inform the neighbourhood and local police there is one more consideration, that is hikers and public that may be in the area. For example if there is a hiking trail that goes right up to your property even if there are no problems with the neighbours and the police OK it it's still probably not a good idea as there are hikers/horses/bikers in those trails and all it takes is one shot that ricochets or a missed shot to have someone lose an eye or call in the ERT team.
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